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Making Music with Ruby

Concept: Making Music Signals with Ruby

Sample Rate

Number of data values for each second of audio Measured in Hertz

CDs use 44,000 Hertz sample rate


“Loudness”, how loud the sound is


“Pitch”, how often the sound is emitted

Types of Sound Waves

  1. Sin
  2. Random
  3. Triangle
  4. Saw
  5. Square

Most sounds are multiple waves used together.

Fourier Transform

“Frequency Mode” of a sound wave

Every waveform is just the sum of simple sinusoids of different frequencies


  1. Pitch detection (tuner)
  2. Wave shaping (equalizer, autotune)


Audio Libraries

  1. Ruby Audio
  2. Easy Audio (port audio wrapper)
  3. easy_vst (use Ruby to generate sound waves that are ported to Ableton)

Sample using the VST synth:

  # plays a bass drum
  $.music.fn = -> { e(SINE) * e(EXP_FALLOFF)}