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Hi, I'm Bobby Matson.

I'm a NYC-based software engineer and entrepreneur. I love working on new business models and experimenting with funky ideas. Shoot me an email if you'd like to collaborate on one!

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Sandi Tells My Future


Matz is nice and so we are nice

Scrolls –> Codex –> Books –> Sheet Music

Codex gradually replaced scrolls around year 0

1450 Winepress –> Coins –> Paper -> Printing Press!

We used to need a lot of mats for every font, type, & size.

Eventually developed a way to melt lead to dynamically create type

Thomas Edison called this hot metal typesetting “Eighth Wonder of the World”

So you can never complain about CSS again

The linotype machine was replaced by computers in the 1960’s

My Future

  • Everything will change. I will die
  • My body will deteriorate
  • Our jobs appeared as quickly as the linotype operators, and will disappear just as quickly

Being on the happy path of the app of your life

Do Real Things

It’s still morning in our community. If you stand up, you can cast a large shadow

We are here because we have the winds at our backs

The things we do now will change the future of the world